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“There were once two princesses whose Papa had been turned into a penguin by a local witch. This was inconvenient because he loved to hold his princesses in his arms, and you can’t do that if you’re a penguin, you have wings like herrings. To make matters worse she sent him to the South Pole which is an awfully long walk if you can’t fly. When he reached the water and dived in he found he could fly. Fly through the depths. So fast, infact, that he was in Southampton Waters by lunchtime. From there he caught the 2.30 to Weighbridge, changed at Clap ham Junction and asked a passing Mallard the way to Buckingham Palace. He swam up the Thames and came out of a plug hole, giving Mama, the cook and Mrs. Whittaker quite a shock. The princesses heard the commotion and hurried to the kitchen where they gave the penguin a good scrub, a mackerel and a kiss. And as they kissed him guess what he turned into a short-tailed Albatross. With wings big enough to wrap around both his precious girls together.”


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