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Opening credits
The High Five
The Jet Ski
Tee Ball
The Bungee Boogie
The Rocky
Beehive Tetherball
Jet Airplane
Confusing Dog ????
Roller-skate Buffalo
Toy Train Eruption
Midgets in a Bar Fight
Electric Avenue
The Field Goal
Super Might Glue
Dildo Gun
Buy a Scooter
Pontius the Barbarian
Sweat Suit Cocktail
The Christmas Tree
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Rocky 2
The Blind Side
Bad Dog
Snake River Redemption
Apple of my Ass
Duck Hunting
Really Bad Grandpa
The Ram Jam
Golf Ball Racquetball
Lamborghini Tooth Pull
Penis Peeing Camera
Gorilla in the Hotel Room
The Invisible Man
Snake Trap
Penis Baseball
Poo Cocktail Supreme
End Credits

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