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片子的化妆真的是太令人叹为观止了,而且nb到什么程度,一般好电影只能得奥斯卡奖,这部化妆变态的片子能设奥斯卡奖,在这部片子之前奥斯卡是没有best make-up award的,之后有很多人投诉说化妆化成这样的片子应该给它个奖项。于是从1982年开始有了best make-up award。另外在elephant man里的的演员叫John Hurt虽然没露脸也赞一个,就是之前在Alien里被怪物幼胎盖住脸的那个演员。。。地道没脸的演员哈~~


“Merrick died on 11 April 1890, aged 27. The official cause of death was asphyxia, although Treves(就是片子里的那个医生), who dissected the body, said that Merrick had died of a dislocated neck. He believed that Merrick who had to sleep sitting up because of the weight of his head had been attempting to sleep lying down, to “be like other people”. The exact cause of Merrick’s deformities is unclear. “

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