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地地道道的没四肢也没大脑的大烂片,从开始到最后都没搞清楚他们的任务到底是什么,见了人就杀来杀去,用各种武器的火拼和身体的摩擦诠释了大烂片的存在。即使从动作片出发也太假了,两边交战一边找位置找cover另一边还傻傻的跑来跑去阅兵。再有就是李连杰的反复一句台词,“I need more money, I need more money….I….”。……*&%¥&!#@¥


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  • Give me a pic of him driving that car and who ever snaiyg get a new car rly just think for one sec. it might hurt ur lil head but maybe it’s worth it if u WERE a celeb.. y would u possibly want ppl who r much younger then u following u around and stalking u and being extremly high profile while driving a lambo or any other super car ? if u dont mind the power and distribution why have ppl jumping all over ur super car.. when driving a vw and not have ppl take a second glance

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